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Micro Soccer



This program is an Outlaws FC program for children who are Pre-Kindergarten age 4 years old.  This is an introductory soccer program for young children to learn the FUNdamentals of the game.  Micro Soccer is the building block for future recreational  soccer and are designed for better individual player development and age appropriate training sessions. 

Futures Soccer



This program is for any player ages 5-7 years old interested in improving their foot skills.  Regardless if the player is already on a recreation or competitive team, this program is open to all comers.  The primary goal of the program is to act as a transitional link between Recreational and Travel soccer, which will create the perfect learning environment for players to progress through the clubs stages of development.  The biggest difference between this program and a recreational team is the coaching staff.  Every Futures session will be conducted by a professional coach that will follow the Outlaws FC development curriculum for player development.

Technical Training

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Technical Training is for every competitive player interested in extra technical training program. This program is strictly technical training on Friday evenings for an hour a session. It doesn’t matter if the player is old or young, high level premier player or lower level comp player. Each session is designed for individuals to work at their own pace. Small groups and partner work as well as individual work at every session will ensure each player to maximize time spent at each session. The goal of this program is to reenforce, recreate, or establish new positive technical training habits. This program is open to all, however outlaw players can register at a discounted rate.

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